About Sunset Systems

We're a small business in California, founded by entrepreneur and software consultant Rod Roark.

Rod graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree (with honors) in Physical Chemistry and Mathematics.

Operating systems and networking are familiar to Rod, who in 1982 founded The Software Link, Incorporated. This company was for ten years a primary developer and vendor of multiuser/multitasking operating systems and networking software for personal computers.

Rod has also created some interesting interactive multiuser applications for the Internet. See OKbridge and ParlorPlay for some examples of these.

Since 1995 Rod has worked with Linux and open source software. In 1998 he founded Sunset Systems, initially offering preconfigured Linux computers, and since 2005 specializing in open source medical software as an administrator of the OpenEMR project.

Rod is relocating to New South Wales, Australia and his work continues there.